Business and Commercial Litigation

Gaston & Lindley brings a combined twenty-plus years of experience representing businesses of all sizes, large institutional insurance clients, and multi-national corporations in high-stakes, high exposure litigation. Gaston & Lindley has represented businesses in general civil litigation, employment litigation, personal injury defense, mineral royalty and lease disputes, contract disputes, and other commercial matters.

While Gaston & Lindley are seasoned litigators, we work with you to find the best possible outcome, whether that is through aggressive trial preparation and representation or assertively seeking a resolution before reaching the courtroom. We provide you with the advice and options you need so you can make the best decision for your business needs when faced with litigation.

General Counsel Services

In addition to handling business and civil litigation matters, Gaston & Lindley offers full General Counsel Services to emerging and established small and mid-size companies. This cutting edge legal concept is a timely maneuver that coincides with the current juxtaposition of leaner business models and increasing legal burdens such as government regulatory compliance and civil exposure.

Emerging businesses can operate in a legal void lacking the resources to hire full-time in-house attorneys to serve as General Counsel. Unable to afford full-time in-house counsel, business owners may struggle to respond to legal exposures and needs and can find themselves with rising legal exposures and expenses.

By providing competitively priced legal counsel to emerging small and mid-size business, Gaston & Lindley helps business owners reduce legal exposure and responds to your needs effectively and efficiently. Gaston & Lindley can serve as an off-site corporate/business legal department with the legal experience you require in exactly the areas most needed without the overhead of hiring full time or in-house counsel.

Gaston & Lindley’s General Counsel Services include the following:

–  Business Entity Formation
–  Contract Negotiation
–  Contract Drafting
–  Risk Management Analysis
–  Administrative Issues
–  Transactional Matters