Employment Law Consulting and Litigation

Gaston & Lindley provides both consulting and litigation services to employees and employers in the areas of Employment Law.

Gaston & Lindley consults with employers to help them with all facets of the employer-employee relationship, including:

–  Drafting, revising, and updating employee handbooks

–  Contract drafting

–  Navigating the hiring and firing process

–  Employee discipline issues

–  Implementing policies and procedures

–  Avoiding and handling discrimination

In addition to providing consultation services, Gaston & Lindley litigates on behalf of employees and employers in:

–  Wrongful Termination

–  Discrimination claims

–  Wage/hour claims

–  Harassment claims

–  Breach of Contract

Workers Compensation

Gaston & Lindley has unparalleled experience in representing and defending both subscribers and non-subscribers in workers’ compensation hearings and trials.

Through the efficient handling of compensable claims and aggressive defense of non-compensable claims, Gaston & Lindley assists clients in reducing their overall exposure and costs associated with workers compensation claims.  Gaston & Lindley has represented clients in a multitude of Benefit Review Conferences, Contested Case Hearings, Judicial Reviews, and Non-Subscriber litigation.